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It’s A Machine

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About 6 weeks ago, I completed my second PC build but this time I actually got to keep the machine and not leave after completing it feeling envious and wishing that I had one. My laptop served me well, the old HP Pavillion Zv5022 was with me through many sleepless and frustrating nights when I had code and fix php errors on sites that I’m doing ‘pro-bono” work on. I’ve cursed at its heat when resting my palms on its keyboard but in the end it did its job and we parted ways.

{The Truth}

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“you cannot make yourself love someone who is not meant to be. just as u cannot tell your heart the sea is red, when ur heart feels & knows it is blue. you cannot lie to your heart and cover its senses to make believe it loves one. when your heart knows it cannot be …

{Free? Not Really!}

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Well I guess you could say that there were a lot of things that has happened since posting. The hosting business is still afloat with a few clients opting for me to actually design their website for them. Current website under development is the JDM Imports Australia which is an e-Commerce based website. A partnership …

{Just the Boys!}

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I wanted to preserve this chat log since it is one of the funniest one Ive had… I’m not sure if its one of those things where you have to be there to find it amusing but anyways… Ron – .:Version 4 ID – Evolution:. says: i reckon simon says: heh, didn’t know about that …

{Chapter Closed}

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tonight another chapter in my life has ended… how does one fill the void that has been left wide open as a result of a break up. The answer is I wont, there is no substitute for the moment that you have shared with another person, the feelings and the experience should be unique, undiluted …