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YAMJ Obsession

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YAMJ stands for Yet Another MovieJukebox. It is a time consuming process that is enough to make you want to put your foot through your big screen tv when it doesn’t work.

My Top 3 iPad Apps

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Most would think that I’m an Apple hater and that I hate all things Apple. The truth is, I don’t. I’m first to admit that the products they’ve released such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac products are high quality and have changed the way we conduct our every day lives. What I don’t like …

Samsung v Apple

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Apple is currently on a global quest to ban the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple has filed a lawsuit that claims Samsung has infringed on the “look & feel” of the iPhone and the iPad which has been quite the golden geese for Apple. This 38-page lawsuit filed in a Northern California …