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After leaving Singapore at around midnight on Sunday we were on the Singapore Airlines flight for 12 hours and 45 minutes to Zurich where we then had to catch a connecting flight to Vienna and then from Vienna to Skopje Macedonia. I got off the plane feeling about worse for wear and wondering what the …


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I have only a few words that would sum up this place and they are: humid clean small oh and did I mention humid?     We arrived in Singapore 5:50 PM local time and waited a few minutes for our transfers to arrive that will take us to our hotel. We're only staying overnight …

We’re At the Airport!

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I’m sitting in front of the free internet access kiosk at Sydney airport waiting to board Singapore Airline flight 232. After six months of waiting and planning, we are finally here. Adam and Daniela are at Duty Free deciding which matching watch to buy. 🙂 Anyways I thought I’d just quickly log on and provide a brief update on what we are up to. We dont have any photos at this stage except for that one above. but we’re sure to take plenty when we land in Singapore.       Bye for now!


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  Due to last minute changes to our itinerary, Donna and I are no longer joining Adam & Daniela at Amsterdam as well as Hawaii. Our journey together ends in Paris where Donna and I will be staying an extra two nights and then flying down to Spain for 5 days. Spain was an original …

Best Airline Seats

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In my quest to better prepare for this upcoming trip, one phrase came to my mind in the middle of the night:   best place to sit on singapore airlines      I clicked on the first two links and it brought my attention to a site called  – "The ultimate source for airplane …